Fundraiser for Japan: Artist Diem Chau Raffles Her Work

Artist Diem Chau is raising funds for the Japanese Red Cross Society. For $10 a raffle ticket, you get a chance to win some of her work, custom-made to her specifications. We profiled Diem Chau’s miniatures last month in “It’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it.”

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I’ve been sitting here for an hour thinking about what to write and how to write it… for the past few days I’ve been glued to the news about Japan’s earthquake and tsunami disaster.  It is so shocking to see such devastation and chaos.  I am in awe at how the Japanese people have persevered through these difficult days.  People stood in line, paid for items, kept their cool, helped their friends and neighbors.  Every single person kept their civility.  Such strength is inspiring.  My heart goes out to everyone there and I hope that perseverance will get them through the difficult days/months ahead.

I’d like to make a humble offering and raffle off a crayon family portrait for the Japanese Red Cross Society.  The winner will get up to 3 crayons carved to their specifications.  Ticket sales start now and will go until midnight PST on March 23rd.  The winner will be announced on March 24th.  I will use to pick the winner.  I’m hoping for at least 200 tickets, but I won’t limit the number to 200.  The more tickets I sell the more we can raise for Japan!

Ticket Price: $10

Prize: A family portrait of carved crayons (up to 3 crayons) *Update* There will be 2 winners selected of 2 different recipient.

Selection Process: when you pay for the ticket I’ll email you with a number.  A random winner will be picked via  I will post the results of the drawing on March 24th.

Donation Proceeds: 100% of all ticket sales will go the the Japanese Red Cross Society.  I will pay for all fees and shipping costs.

If you’re interested in participating in the raffle please Paypal $10.00 to
Please make your payment as “GIFT” and make a note “FOR JAPAN”.  PLEASE DO NOT write anywhere on your payment the words “RAFFLE” or “LOTTERY”.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I’m sorry I can’t take any other forms of payments.  Paypal is the easiest and fastest way, it’s also the best way to keep records.

Diem Chau
*Update* HOLY COW!!! We broke 200 in half a day!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  This is so unexpected, I don’t know what to say.  The emails keep coming and I’m in tears writing this.  Let’s shoot for 1000!  Since so many people have signed up I’d like to offer a second family portrait, so there will be 2 winners total!

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