April 2016 News and Events

What happened in April 2016: socio-cultural, literary, and political news and events relating to Vietnam and to the Vietnamese diaspora. [Comments (in brackets “[ ]”) are the opinion of the poster and does not reflect the view of diaCRITICS]


Viet Thanh Nguyen awarded 2016 Pulitzer
The 2016 Pulitzer Prize for fiction is awarded to Viet Thanh Nguyen for his book, The Sympathizer. Prof. Nguyen discusses his two books.

Viet Kieu in the news

Commemorating the fall of South VietnamVietnamese Americans commemorate the 41st anniversary of the fall of South Vietnam.

Vietnamese immigrants experience PSTD• Decades later, many Vietnamese immigrants experience post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Activist Vu Minh Khanh• Famed human rights activist Nguyen Van Dai‘s wife Vu Minh Khanh comes to Orange County’s Little Saigon to plea for her husband’s freedom.

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News about Viet Nam

Rapper SuboiRapper Suboi talks about her experience acting in a Vietnamese film.

Vietnam's market standing• With still a few obstacles to overcome, Vietnam is on track toward attaining the emerging-market status.

Historian Edward MillerTuoi Tre News discusses the Vietnam-U.S. post-war relations with a U.S. historian.

Dead pigsThe rampant use of unsafe and toxic food in Vietnam is very dangerous to human health since it can cause cancer.

Activist Tran Thi HongInternational human rights groups are petitioning for a probe into the torture of a Christian activist who was beaten by police.

Stifling• The Vietnamese government introduced new rules to prohibit student from posting critical comments of the government.

Plead for refugeesFour refugees returned to Vietnam by Australia have been sentenced to prison.

Foreign takeoverThailand invades Vietnam–Thailand investors, that is.

Other News

Honoring war victims• The Korean-Vietnamese Peace Foundation held an event commemorating Vietnamese war victims.

Senator John KerrySenator John Kerry talks about the Vietnam War and its aftereffects.

Drought• China’s controls of six dams on the upper Mekong River is exacerbating droughts in Southeast Asian countries.

Billboard• Ever since the government recognized the importance of the private sector, the signs of a market economy has been everywhere.

Faye Stewart• A candidate for the U.S. Senate said: “when [Vietnamese immigrants] needed something to eat, they went to their natural ways of doing it by harvesting people’s dogs and cats, their pets.” [Racism is still the best way to get votes in America]

Special thanks to Viet Thanh Nguyen for providing some news items.


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