Eric Nguyen Reviews Genaro Kỳ Lý Smith’s ‘The Land South of the Clouds’

diaCRITIC Eric Nguyen reviews The Land South of the Clouds, Genaro Kỳ Lý Smith’s newest fiction novel. Genaro Kỳ Lý Smith returns to familiar territory in his second book, The Land South of the Clouds. Readers of his previous book, The Land Baron’s Sun, will be acquainted with many of the subjects here: the Vietnam War, the loss of homeland, and …(read more)

Martin Luther King, Jr., on Vietnam—and Today

Martin Luther King, Jr., is best known for his speech “I Have a Dream.” Relatively few people know of his …(read more)


We start off 2017 — and Year #2 of OUT OF THE MARGINS (!) — with emerging writer Rachel Dinh’s …(read more)

OUT OF THE MARGINS :: Adrienne Minh-Chau Le

Adrienne Minh-Chau Le’s “Letter To My Refugee Mom” is what the title suggests it is – a straightforward, sincere, moving …(read more)

Searching for Saigon’s Wartime Beat

Sheila Ngọc Pham recounts discovering her mother’s past as a singer in Hoa Tình Thương (The Love Flowers), an entertainment troupe …(read more)

Voices of Vietnam

Voices of Vietnam recently launched their new website focusing on raising awareness about the assaults committed by South Korean soldiers during …(read more)

Interview with Linh Dinh: Poetry, Politics, and “Postcards”

Tahseen Alkhateeb interviews American poet and diaCRITIC Linh Dinh. This interview was originally published in Arabic in Al Arab, a …(read more)


“Là người Việt Nam” nghĩa là gì? Tổng Biên Tập trang diaCRITICS Nguyễn Thanh Việt cho rằng có lẽ đã …(read more)

Paisley Rekdal và chuyện ‘Cơn thịnh nộ của con lai’ ở Hà Nội, Việt Nam

diaCRITICS thỉnh thoảng đăng những blog khách mời. Bài viết về Cơn thịnh nộ của con lai được đăng nguyên gốc …(read more)

Homelessness? Or a Kind of Freedom?

The narrative surrounding diaspora usually depicts the painful loss of one’s identity and homeland. Audrey Chin, author of As The Heart …(read more)

Hoai Huong Tran’s The End of the Road

Hoai Huong journeys to northern Vietnam to search for her father’s half-brother. In the process of tracing his footsteps, she …(read more)

Part of Memory is Forgetting

Guest author Cara Van Le reflects on how memories are either forgotten or not shared, resulting in ambiguity that is often …(read more)

Coming Out, Coming Home—Thao P. Nguyen’s ‘Fortunate Daughter’

Recently diaCRITICS managing editor Julie Thi Underhill attended Thao P. Nguyen’s “one-dyke” tragicomedy show Fortunate Daughter at the intimate Impact …(read more)