Anvi Hoàng: Nổi giận đúng không bao giờ muộn | The Right Kind of Rage

Cross-cultural encounters can be an experience fascinating, exotic, interesting, frustrating, and anything else in between. Here, not so different from the rendition or feeling that Jade Hidle, Paisley Rekdal, or Viet Thanh Nguyen discussed earlier, but from a different perspective, Anvi Hoàng recalls her long past experience with an American teacher and describes how as a link in her transnational journey it …(read more)

Anvi Hoàng: Vấn nạn cái tên tiếng Việt | Dilemma of a Vietnamese Name

Identity oscillations are in various places, sometimes as inconspicuous as the accent marks in Vietnamese language. In this bilingual post, …(read more)

San Francisco Global Vietnamese Film Festival 2013—Interview

It’s that time again! The San Francisco Global Vietnamese Film Festival is having their second biennial film and video showcase …(read more)

Anguli Ma: A Gothic Tale (by Chi Vu): A Review

Author and songwriter Dao Strom reviews Anguli Ma: A Gothic Tale by Chi Vu and finds the novella raises some …(read more)

Anvi Hoàng: From Russia With Love | Nghệ sĩ Công Huân Nga lần đầu thăm Mỹ

It is through an outsider’s eyes that we have an extra chance to see how fortunate we are. Bilingual blogger …(read more)

Anvi Hoàng Reports: First Vietnamese Opera in the United States | Vở opera Việt Nam đầu tiên trên đất Mỹ

Most Vietnamese are familiar with the story of Quan Âm Thị Kính, a thousand-year-old Vietnamese folk tale, and the Buddhist …(read more)

From Viet Nam to Japan via France: Tran Anh Hung’s Latest Film

While the acclaimed adaptation of Murakami’s novel has yet to be released in the United States, diaCRITIC correspondent in France …(read more)

Con Rồng Cháu Tiên

The (his)story of Việt Nam is so often told through the war and refugee experience that it may seem like …(read more)

San Francisco Diasporic Vietnamese Film Festival – A Preview

At last! The San Francisco Diasporic Vietnamese Film Festival on April 23rd is the first ever Bay Area film festival …(read more)

Shock and Terror!: A Review of James Nguyen’s ‘Birdemic’

“Don’t try looking up Birdemic in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention!” This warning comes from diaCRITIC Michelle Ton, a graduate …(read more)

Trần Anh Hùng’s ‘Norwegian Wood’: A Preview

Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood concerns a young university student’s encounters with love, death, and loss in 1960s Japan, as he …(read more)