Searching for Saigon’s Wartime Beat

Sheila Ngọc Pham recounts discovering her mother’s past as a singer in Hoa Tình Thương (The Love Flowers), an entertainment troupe that performed to boost morale during the Vietnam War. I knew my mother had been a singer in Vietnam, though I don’t remember her ever telling me this directly; I think I overheard some mention of it in my childhood. …(read more)

Why I Kept My Vietnamese Surname When I Married

Sheila Ngọc Pham discusses why women around the world choose to keep their surnames, including in her context as a Vietnamese …(read more)

Anguli Ma: A Gothic Tale (by Chi Vu): A Review

Author and songwriter Dao Strom reviews Anguli Ma: A Gothic Tale by Chi Vu and finds the novella raises some …(read more)

Dinh Q. Lê’s "Erasure" Opens in Australia

Acclaimed artist Dinh Q. Lê, the first Vietnamese name to have a solo show at Museum of Modern Art in …(read more)

Carina Hoang’s ‘Boat People’: Short Stories, Long Memories

In 1979, in a wooden boat crowded with almost 400 people, Carina Hoang escaped Vietnam with two of her siblings. …(read more)

San Francisco Diasporic Vietnamese Film Festival – A Preview

At last! The San Francisco Diasporic Vietnamese Film Festival on April 23rd is the first ever Bay Area film festival …(read more)

Khue Nguyen — A Naked Star

Guest diaCRITIC blogger Boitran Huynh-Beattie—a professor, curator and art historian in Australia—introduces a talented Vietnamese-Australian gay artist, Khue Nguyen. Last …(read more)

An interdisciplinary immersion into Vietnam

diaCRITIC and Australian National University lecturer Ashley Carruthers reflects here upon the contours and successes of the ANU Field School in …(read more)