Cultural citizenship

Multicultural, Progressive, Totalitarian Vietnam

Linh Dinh writes on culture and politics in the new Vietnam. I last saw Vietnam in 2001. Back then, Saigon had no American fast food joints save a Kentucky Fried Chicken. Long-term foreign residents were few, and mostly confined to the Phạm Ngũ Lão area. There were no foreign stars in the just-established professional soccer league. Now in Saigon, there …(read more)

Viet Thanh Nguyen on Being a Refugee, an American — and a Human Being

diaCRITICS editor, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, and Vietnam war refugee Viet Thanh Nguyen reflects on American identity. The following article was …(read more)


“Là người Việt Nam” nghĩa là gì? Tổng Biên Tập trang diaCRITICS Nguyễn Thanh Việt cho rằng có lẽ đã …(read more)

Anvi Hoàng: Tiếng bồi kiểu mới | New version of ‘me no say English’

Creation of new identity expression is great, but tricky. Maybe more so for bilingual speakers. Here is a case in …(read more)

Anvi Hoàng: Nổi giận đúng không bao giờ muộn | The Right Kind of Rage

Cross-cultural encounters can be an experience fascinating, exotic, interesting, frustrating, and anything else in between. Here, not so different from …(read more)

Anvi Hoàng: Vấn nạn cái tên tiếng Việt | Dilemma of a Vietnamese Name

Identity oscillations are in various places, sometimes as inconspicuous as the accent marks in Vietnamese language. In this bilingual post, …(read more)

Anvi Hoàng: 8 Điều Hay Về Instant Noodle | 8 Things I Love About Instant Noodle

Cảnh trong phim Instant Noodle, đạo diễn Nguyễn Trọng Khoa – Hình từ trang web của ViFF / A scene …(read more)

Anvi Hoàng & Tết 2013 ở Mỹ: Vietnamese American Intellectuals on Tết in the USA

There is no Tết without reflection. In this bilingual post, Anvi Hoàng introduces and translates into Vietnamese a supper-mini collection …(read more)

Interview with Kieu-Linh Caroline Valverde: We’re not just boat people

An Interview with Kieu-Linh Caroline Valverde–scholar, activist, writer–touches upon the many journeys made in the production of her book:  Transnationalizing …(read more)

Anvi Hoàng: From Russia With Love | Nghệ sĩ Công Huân Nga lần đầu thăm Mỹ

It is through an outsider’s eyes that we have an extra chance to see how fortunate we are. Bilingual blogger …(read more)

Anvi Hoàng Interviews Nhi T. Lieu: Authenticity is not ever reachable | Tất cả đều là vấn đề tái tạo văn hóa

Anvi Hoàng interviews Professor Nhi Lieu, author of The American Dream in Vietnamese. Anvi Hoàng phỏng vấn Giáo Sư Nhi Liêu về vấn …(read more)

‘Past Present | Future Imperatives: Queer Space Time’ Opens in Los Angeles

And now diaCRITICS puts on dancing shoes (and a favorite old song or two) to announce a multitalented showcase gala …(read more)

Quyen Truong on ‘Art-Smart’ — Art, Education, and Social Justice

Here diaCRITICS reprints Quyen Truong’s guest blog post on being Art-Smart, her contribution on the role of art in one artist’s …(read more)