Dan Duffy

An Open Letter to the President

Reverend Chuong Hoai Nguyen of the Salesians of Don Bosco Society has written an open letter to President Trump on the recent refugee ban, as well as his own experience as a refugee escaping Saigon. Read his letter below or view the original letter here. February 8, 2017 President Donald Trump The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 …(read more)

Dan Duffy on American Writer W.D. Ehrhart

What do you call a poet who’s been struck by lightning a dozen times? W.D. Ehrhart.  But each time a …(read more)

Atone: The Writing of Wayne Karlin

Atonement is often described as the closing of chapters or the completion of a cycle, when the story comes to …(read more)

Lady Borton

The honorific “Bà” or “Lady” has been bestowed upon some of Vietnam’s greatest women from warriors like Hai Bà Trưng …(read more)

Learn Vietnamese

For every reason to learn a language -let’s just say Vietnamese for example-, there is a corresponding method.  Some learn …(read more)

The Frogs Are Gone: Viet Nam Literature Seminar 2

Don’t strain your weak eyes looking The frogs are gone from their bushes The yellow lizards are watching The bugs …(read more)

Love Like Hate

The poet Linh Dinh has written a novel.  It is a poet’s novel.  Listen to the title: Love Like Hate.  …(read more)

Harvey Pekar

My great contemporary, friend of the world, Harvey Pekar died yesterday.  He went to bed early on Sunday and his …(read more)

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day in small-town New England we clean the graves and decorate those of the old soldiers with the …(read more)

Diasporic Ho Chi Minh

We can’t let May 19th pass without a gesture toward the man the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam claims was …(read more)