Dao Strom

Dao Strom: From the Other Shore

Dao Strom reflects on her experience of celebrating “Black April” in Vietnam on April 30th for the first time since she left in 1975. A follow-up post  by Viet Thanh Nguyen discussing the significance of “Black April”, as featured before on our diaCRITICIZE column, will be translated into Vietnamese, so stay tuned! Have you subscribed to diaCRITICS yet? Subscribe and win prizes! Read …(read more)


Vu Pham, Filmmaker – “My Brother”

Dao Strom interviews Vu Pham, a filmmaker, writer, and actor. He is the founder of nomenstatua, a film production company. His …(read more)


Dao Strom: Reimagining the Book

We Were Meant To Be A Gentle People (East EP) is a hybrid music-literary project, by author/songwriter Dao Strom, a 6-song …(read more)


Dao Strom: This is Why.

[This is Part 3 of a 3-part post series by Dao Strom/The Sea and The Mother, regarding her hybrid music-literary …(read more)


Cataclysm, an origin tale, by Dao Strom

[In Part 2 of a 3-part post series from Dao Strom/The Sea and The Mother, regarding her hybrid music-literary project, We …(read more)


Anguli Ma: A Gothic Tale (by Chi Vu): A Review

Author and songwriter Dao Strom reviews Anguli Ma: A Gothic Tale by Chi Vu and finds the novella raises some …(read more)


a hybrid territory: dao strom’s “we were meant to be a gentle people”

From Dao Strom (author of Grass Roof, Tin Roof and The Gentle Order of Girls and Boys): Dear Friends of …(read more)


“break the silence” : a free song & music video (by dao strom | the sea & the mother)

“Break the Silence” is a song from the forthcoming ‘We Were Meant To Be A Gentle People (East EP)’ by …(read more)


True Laws (Pt. 2) and a New Song

In the course of the past couple of years, I have been trying to “accomplish” my work. Writing, music. Trying …(read more)


True Laws? (thoughts on selling "Vietnamese-ness" in America)

I have struggled with how to use these tools – the endeavor of making art and the paradox of trying …(read more)


rock paper salt : the art work of christine nguyen

These works speak of great bionetworks that exist outside the ecosphere of human discord. Multilayered recyclable structures, hovering villages, spiny geologic minerals, …(read more)


500 Voices & Asian Voice Radio

Last summer, I was again in Austin, Texas, attempting to make things happen with my music career. I had done …(read more)


the war after the war

This post is going to be of a more personal nature… I spend my mornings (usually) trying to write. Lately, …(read more)