DVAN Writers at Djerassi Artists Residency, June 2018

From June 5-11, 2018, the Djerassi Artists Program partnered with the Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network (DVAN) to host a private writing retreat and “dialogues across borders” project involving ten writers, from four different continents, plus three “dialogues” moderators. The writers were given time and space to work on individual projects, as well as engage in dialogues about being writers in …(read more)

Tilted Axis Kickstarter – Translating Feminisms: Poetry Chapbooks from Across Asia

Tilted Axis is currently running a kickstarter for a project featuring SE Asian and South Asian women writers in translation. The …(read more)

Creative Minds: Viet Writers of the Diaspora at Djerassi & San Jose Museum of Art

On June 9, 2018, the Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network (DVAN), in partnership with the Djerassi Resident Artists Program and the …(read more)

Artist Profile: Vincent Trinh

diaCRITICS highlights Vietnamese artists of the diaspora. Vincent Trinh: “My Chinatown” One of the first things to notice about Vincent …(read more)

The Helicopter and the Pilot: Contemplating April 30th

I had several ambitions for an April 30th post. I had thought of crowd-sourcing responses, maybe via facebook, and asking various …(read more)

Upcoming Events: Refugee Poetics & She Who Has No Master(s)

Look for these events in May, centering diaspora and poetry on East and West Coasts. Center for Refugee Poetics – Philadephia, …(read more)

Editor’s Note: 2018 ///\/\/// Beyond

Notes: 2018 + Beyond Author: Dao Strom   Shortly before taking on this editorship, I spent two months at an …(read more)

In Conversation With Viet Thanh Nguyen: On Diaspora & Culture As Plurality

photo credit: Camp Pendleton Archives This is a conversation interview conducted by Dao Strom, new editor of diaCRITICS, with Viet Thanh …(read more)

DiaCRITICS in the Year of the Earth Dog

We welcome Tết and the Lunar New Year (Year of the Earth Dog) by launching a new phase of diaCRITICS. …(read more)

Art Exhibit: Hướng Nước / Inheritance / Water (Preview)

In honor of Tết and the Lunar New Year, the Portland Children’s Museum (Portland, Oregon) is hosting the traveling exhibit …(read more)

diaCRITICIZE: “Vietnam” is a 7-Letter Word

Image from the artist Dinh Q. Lê’s installation “Crossing the Farther Shore”, exhibited at Rice Gallery in Houston, TX in …(read more)

Forty-Two Years After the Fall of Saigon

diaCRITIC Linh Dinh writes on the censure and oppression of three poets after the fall of Saigon. I’ve only been …(read more)

I Am Miss Saigon, and I Hate It

Diep Tran reflects on how the musical “Miss Saigon” perpetuates Orientalist stereotypes and narratives in which the Vietnamese are victims, not …(read more)