In our March essay, Tuan Phan meditates on erasures and progress, history and modernity, and what is or is not disappearing, in a changing Saigon where trees (and the memories of trees) stand as diligent, time-bearing witnesses. You can read more of Tuan’s writing at: DISAPPEARING SAIGON It had rained hard for hours, and now the monsoon accumulation gushed through the streets and …(read more)

Jade Hidle: 2013 San Diego Asian Film Festival

From short films to documentaries, diaCritic Jade Hiddle presents an in-depth review of the films featured in the 2013 San …(read more)

As Long As Trees Last: The Poetry of Hoa Nguyen

In this repost from BOMBlog, poet and editor Iris Cushing reviews Hoa Nguyen‘s most recent book of poetry, As Long …(read more)

Birdemic: Shock and Terror – Making Me Want to Drink

Grab a drink (make that a few drinks) and settle down for an in-depth analysis of James Nguyen’s Birdemic, the …(read more)

An interdisciplinary immersion into Vietnam

diaCRITIC and Australian National University lecturer Ashley Carruthers reflects here upon the contours and successes of the ANU Field School in …(read more)