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Interview with Filmmaker Duc Nguyen: “Nothing Left To Lose”

What is it like to have nothing left to lose, truly? When the skin you walk around in, when your barely satiated and surviving body, is – literally – your only remaining home? And it is threatened – by uncertainties, indefinitions of belonging, by physical dangers and deprivations, and burdened, emotionally and psychically, in the not-always-visible ways that having one’s moorings torn …(read more)

The Films of Vu Pham @ NW Film Center – Jan 26th, 2017

MEMORY’S LONELY BREATH, the collected films of Vu Pham, will be screening at the NW Film Center in Portland, Oregon on …(read more)

Khanh Ho: The First International Southeast Asian Film Festival

From November 20-22, the first International Southeast Asian Film Festival will be held in San Francisco. The following article on the …(read more)

2015 Viet Film Fest

The 2015 Viet Film Fest lineup is a medley of genres that reflects the continued growth of the Vietnamese Filmmaking Movement.Whether you …(read more)

Ham Tran’s “How to Fight In Six Inch Heels” Now Playing!

Hit movie “How To Fight in Six Inch Heels” arrives in the US! Jade Hidle tells us about it. Go …(read more)

‘The Backstage Slap’: a rare gem in Vietnam’s film archive

  Thuy Linh is back with another review! This time she sorts through Vietnam’s film archive and uncovers this rare gem: Cai …(read more)

Reviewing the Classics: Chùa Đàn Adapted, with Room for Woman

Film critic Thuy Linh reviews the classics of Vietnamese cinema.   There seems to be a sense among contemporary Vietnamese …(read more)

Last Days in Vietnam Premieres in Irvine

Last Days in Vietnam Premieres in Irvine Theater premiere serves as beginning of 8-month engagement campaign. This Friday, September 26, …(read more)

Thuy Linh: 90’s Movies: More Gourmet Than ‘Instant Noodles’

   Thuy Linh gives us an in-depth review about how Southern Vietnamese films now do not compare to the 90’s era of …(read more)

Thuy Linh: Good Music, Romance: Courtesy of a Southern Film Tradition

In Thuy Linh’s most recent post in her column, she highlights the use of music and romance in Southern films …(read more)

Thuy Linh: Some good ones at the end of the season

Thuy Linh presents a review of two new Vietnamese films, Cuoc chien voi chan tinh (Thach Sanh Legend) and Qua tim mau (Vengeful …(read more)

Treacherous Subject: Doing Archival Work in Việt Nam

Released in April 2012, Lan P. Duong’s Treacherous Subjects: Gender, Culture, and Trans-Vietnamese Feminism reads Vietnamese film and literature through the notion of …(read more)

love bang! SEXperimental Music Video!

Artist Viet Le gives diaCRITICS readers an inside look into his project love bang! Through his sexperimental art music video, …(read more)