Jade Hidle Reviews Qui Nguyen’s Vietgone, A Good Fucking Play

diaCRITIC Jade Hidle reviews Qui Nguyen’s exciting, hilarious, and moving play Vietgone. The play follows the love story of Nguyen’s parents, and uses humor to discuss the many issues faced by Vietnamese refugees in America. The show runs until October 25th, and has student and group discount tickets available. Fuck. Rivaling the innumerability of f-bombs in any Tarantino or Scorcese film, playwright Qui Nguyen’s …(read more)

Ham Tran’s “How to Fight In Six Inch Heels” Now Playing!

Hit movie “How To Fight in Six Inch Heels” arrives in the US! Jade Hidle tells us about it. Go …(read more)

Writers’ Spotlight: Thao P. Nguyen

The Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network and the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center are proud to present the Fourth San Francisco …(read more)

Coming Out, Coming Home—Thao P. Nguyen’s ‘Fortunate Daughter’

Recently diaCRITICS managing editor Julie Thi Underhill attended Thao P. Nguyen’s “one-dyke” tragicomedy show Fortunate Daughter at the intimate Impact …(read more)

Linh Dinh — Those Laboring Days

How often does one remember a former boss, their assault weaponry, their potential flashbacks to Nam—yet still somehow linger longest …(read more)

love bang! SEXperimental Music Video!

Artist Viet Le gives diaCRITICS readers an inside look into his project love bang! Through his sexperimental art music video, …(read more)

What Happened in August 2012: Some News and Events

What happened in August 2012: news and events relating to Vietnamese in Vietnam and around the world. Welcome back everyone …(read more)

From San Jose to the U.K. — In It to Nguyen It!

diaCRITICS was tickled to see this yearbook prank, by eight Vietnamese American teenage girls in California, make international news! First …(read more)

Gabby Quynh-Anh Miller on Making Art and Trouble in Viet Nam

diaCRITICS is excited to share this L.A. Times Q&A with artist Gabby Quynh-Anh Miller, where she discusses the restrictive cultural and political environment …(read more)

Memory without Pyrotechnics: Vu Tran’s Intervu, Part 1

In December 2010, diaCRITICS managing editor Julie Thi Underhill wrote her first diaCRITICIZE about her dilemmas regarding ‘authentic’ belonging as …(read more)

Jade Hidle: Responding to Alexandra Wallace’s “Asians in the Library”?

Did you hear about Alexandra Wallace?  Whether you did or not, diaCRITIC Jade Hidle opens up a discussion about two …(read more)

Birdemic: Shock and Terror – Making Me Want to Drink

Grab a drink (make that a few drinks) and settle down for an in-depth analysis of James Nguyen’s Birdemic, the …(read more)

Editor’s Picks: Julie Thi Underhill’s Top Ten Most Critical

As a co-managing editor, I am fortunate to have deep exposure to amazing ideas and visions and critiques via this …(read more)