“Là người Việt Nam” nghĩa là gì? Tổng Biên Tập trang diaCRITICS Nguyễn Thanh Việt cho rằng có lẽ đã …(read more)

Paisley Rekdal và chuyện ‘Cơn thịnh nộ của con lai’ ở Hà Nội, Việt Nam

diaCRITICS thỉnh thoảng đăng những blog khách mời. Bài viết về Cơn thịnh nộ của con lai được đăng nguyên gốc …(read more)

Homelessness? Or a Kind of Freedom?

The narrative surrounding diaspora usually depicts the painful loss of one’s identity and homeland. Audrey Chin, author of As The Heart …(read more)

Hoai Huong Tran’s The End of the Road

Hoai Huong journeys to northern Vietnam to search for her father’s half-brother. In the process of tracing his footsteps, she …(read more)

Part of Memory is Forgetting

Guest author Cara Van Le reflects on how memories are either forgotten or not shared, resulting in ambiguity that is often …(read more)

Coming Out, Coming Home—Thao P. Nguyen’s ‘Fortunate Daughter’

Recently diaCRITICS managing editor Julie Thi Underhill attended Thao P. Nguyen’s “one-dyke” tragicomedy show Fortunate Daughter at the intimate Impact …(read more)

San Francisco Global Vietnamese Film Festival 2013—Interview

It’s that time again! The San Francisco Global Vietnamese Film Festival is having their second biennial film and video showcase …(read more)

Marcelino Truong’s “Une Si Jolie Petite Guerre” — Part Two by Ly Lan Dill

We have an outstanding Vietnamese-French graphic novelist, Marcelino Truong, in our midst. In 1957, Truong was born in the Philippines …(read more)

Aimee Phan on ‘Reeducation’ — An Interview with Sunny Woan

This author interview with Aimee Phan, conducted by Sunny Woan, first appeared in Kartika Review‘s 13th issue, in Summer 2012. Woan …(read more)

My Living, Yet Lost, Father

diaCRITICS is happy to reprint Kyanh Tonnu’s piece “My Living, Yet Lost, Father.” In elegant, reflective prose, Tonnu chronicles her …(read more)

Reflections on My Mother’s Life

Mothers are the figures of our lives, whether our maternal relationships are happy or complicated otherwise. Guest author Christina Vo …(read more)

Vietnam War Images, Photosynthesized

Binh Danh, who makes strikingly original chlorophyl prints on foliage, is a favorite around here. We’ve featured him in the past, including …(read more)

Paisley Rekdal on ‘Biracial Rage’ in Hanoi, Viet Nam

diaCRITICS will periodically have guest blogs. This essay on biracial rage originally appeared at Anapessimistic, the blog by poet, essayist, …(read more)