Jade Hidle

A Conversation about A Different Pond with Bao Phi and Thi Bui

Contributing writer Jade Hidle reflects on the role of reading in her own childhood, and speaks to Bao Phi and Thi Bui about their Caldecott Honor illustrated children’s book, A Different Pond.  When I was a young reader, books served a specific function in the relationship between my single mother and me. They kept me occupied and quiet. My page-flipping …(read more)

Jade Hidle: Living History at VAOHP’s Vietnamese Focus Exhibit

diaCRITIC Jade Hidle visits the Vietnamese Focus: Generation of Stories exhibition, created by UC Irvine’s Vietnamese Oral History Project. This immersive …(read more)

Jade Hidle Reviews Quan Barry’s She Weeps Each Time You’re Born

diaCRITIC Jade Hidle reviews Quan Barry’s fiction debut, She Weeps Each Time You’re Born; a novel that merges together Vietnamese history, magical …(read more)

Jade Hidle Reviews Qui Nguyen’s Vietgone, A Good Fucking Play

diaCRITIC Jade Hidle reviews Qui Nguyen’s exciting, hilarious, and moving play Vietgone. The play follows the love story of Nguyen’s parents, and …(read more)

Jade Hidle: Michael Nhat’s Experimental Hip-Hop in Heads on Sticks

Five years ago, I was introduced to the music of Michael Nhat, and I covered a performance promoting his album …(read more)

Ham Tran’s “How to Fight In Six Inch Heels” Now Playing!

Hit movie “How To Fight in Six Inch Heels” arrives in the US! Jade Hidle tells us about it. Go …(read more)

Jade Hidle: “Fresh off the Boat” at the 15th Annual SDAFF

What is your reaction when you hear the phrase “fresh off the boat”? When someone dismissed my mother for being …(read more)

Jade Hidle Reviews Mark Pomeroy’s Novel The Brightwood Stillness

To be released by Oregon University Press in October, Mark Pomeroy’s The Brightwood Stillness follows two Portland high school teachers, Nate …(read more)

Jade Hidle Reviews Last Days in Vietnam Documentary

An official selection at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and winner of the audience award for best feature film at …(read more)

VAALA’s Artistic Exploration of “Hôme”

How do you define “home”? DiaCritic Jade Hidle suggests exploring this complex notion through The Vietnamese American Arts and Letters Association’s …(read more)

Jade Hidle: Vietnamese German Philipp Rösler and Transnational Adoption

Born in Vietnam but raised in Germany by his adoptive parents, Philipp Rösler is now a powerful political figure in contemporary …(read more)

Jade Hidle: Top Chef Serves Up “Authentic” Vietnamese Food

Because cuisines are embedded within cultural identities, the question of “authenticity” and “authority” in creating Vietnamese food is a complex …(read more)

Jade Hidle: 2013 San Diego Asian Film Festival

From short films to documentaries, diaCritic Jade Hiddle presents an in-depth review of the films featured in the 2013 San …(read more)