Khanh Ho

Khanh Ho: The First International Southeast Asian Film Festival

From November 20-22, the first International Southeast Asian Film Festival will be held in San Francisco. The following article on the significance of the I-SEA Film Fest was originally posted on Khanh Ho’s blog, Los Angeles Mystery. Tickets for this event can be purchased here. I-SEA Film Fest trailer: To grow up in the United States—a child of a war, a …(read more)

Khanh Ho: An Open Letter about Queer Vietnam

Drawing examples from queer-themed Vietnamese films and his own personal experience in Vietnam, writer, scholar, and activist Khanh Ho responds …(read more)

The Vietnamese American Oral History Project: The Transience of Small Things

Khanh Ho writes a fictional story inspired by Nguyen Chi Thien, a dissident poet who died last year. After editing his obituary …(read more)

April 30: Looking Backward

How do you celebrate April 30? Do you? In this post, Khanh Ho discusses some of the hazards of looking …(read more)

Khanh Ho: On The Art of Losing

Khanh Ho is writing the first Vietnamese American Detective Fiction ever.  Why?  Because being the first is a power trip. …(read more)

Khanh Ho: A Vietnamese American Detective Novel: Unheard of?

A writer, critic, professor and world traveler confesses a terrible, trashy secret:  his love of detective fiction.  In an essay …(read more)

Khanh Ho: Confessions of a Vietnamese Mormon

Khanh Ho is a featured columnist interested in documenting all things forgotten:  the mental dust bunnies underneath the bookshelf of …(read more)

Khanh Ho: Upon First Seeing Lee’s Sandwiches

Lee’s Sandwiches is a chrome glass factory food box. Modern, sleek and new, it’s the Vietnamese answer to McDonald’s, Burger …(read more)

Notes on Exile

It was in grad school that I learned about the exilic condition. I even took a seminar on it and …(read more)

Vietnamese Epic & The Budget Traveler

Kim Van Kieu is one of those stories that is so famous that The Lonely Planet Guidebook will advise enterprising tourists …(read more)