Most Critical January 2011

1. Jade Hidle: Rap in Sai Gon–An Interview with Vietnamese Emcee Nah Nguyen

by Jade Hidle Click here to hear Nah Nguyen’s “I Have a Dream.” A majority of the studies of diasporic culture focus on the aspects of the homeland that have been transplanted to other parts of the world. However, in an increasingly transnational world, it is also important to look at this cultural pollination in the reverse direction—the influence that other …(read more)

2. DVAN Holiday Fundraiser: Silent Auction

The first annual holiday party and the second annual fundraiser for DVAN (Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network) is a week away, …(read more)

3. Mondega’s "For the People" – A Montagnard Hip-Hop Debut

At diaCRITICS, we center a cross-ethnic and transnational approach, as fifty-four ethnicities live within present-day Vietnam and as the Vietnamese …(read more)

4. Remembering Tam Tran: UCLA’s Vietnamese Culture Night

By two days, the diaCRITICS editors have chosen to delay dao strom’s sequential post — “True Laws (Pt. 2) and …(read more)

5. Trịnh Công Sơn, Movie Star: A Review of Đất Khổ (Land of Sorrows)

I didn’t know Trinh Cong Son was in a movie until I saw Đất Khổ (Land of Sorrows). Filmed in 1971, …(read more)

6. Dark Tourism to Pulau Galang

  Do you enjoy reading diaCRITICS? Then please consider subscribing! Many will be familiar with the name Pulau Galang, a tiny …(read more)

7. You Have To Be Intimate With Your Despair

Electronic voice: “This recorded call is from an inmate at a California state correctional facility.” Dylan Rodríguez, Assistant Professor in …(read more)

8. Second Take: New Voices from Vietnam Film Series

Here is the first post by our newest diaCRITIC, Michelle Ton. Michelle is a graduate student of Cinema and Media Studies …(read more)

9. Double Trouble: Hồng-An Trương’s Visual Archives (Part I)

Viet Le introduces us to the visual artist Hồng-An Trương and her compelling work–part 1 of 2. In this two-part blog …(read more)

10. Doing Time Has Its Nightmares

Viet Mike Ngo, a writer, an activist, and a prisoner serving a life sentence, gives us a glimpse through the …(read more)