Most Critical February 2011

1. Jade Hidle: Meeting Strangers So Familiar: A diaCRITIC’s Dilemma

diaCRITIC Jade Hidle offers a powerful meditation on history, memory, and imagery, by centering some photos ‘saved’ from destruction in Viet Nam and then purchased, with some ambivalence, in the Pacific Northwest. Over the holiday break I took a short trip to Portland, Oregon, to visit family and friends. It was the first time I had been to the city …(read more)

2. Jade Hidle: An Interview and Review of GB Tran’s VIETNAMERICA

Graphic novels and comic books are high literature now, and Vietnamese American writers are breaking into the scene. diaCRITIC Jade …(read more)

3. Jade Hidle: A Têt Treat–lê thi diem thúy’s Novel is San Diego’s One Book 2011

San Diego is reading lê thi diem thúy’s The Gangster We Are All Looking For, and Jade Hidle is there to …(read more)

4. The Making of a Vietnamese American Singer-Songwriter

Giana Nguyễn’s new album is coming out in two days, and diaCRITIC Thúy Võ Đặng is here to tell us more …(read more)

5. Jade Hidle Brings BANANA 2 to You!

Calling all bloggers, twitter and fb users, all internet savvy folk!  diaCRITIC Jade Hidle gives us the insider’s scoop and …(read more)

6. A Review: Nathalie Nguyen’s Memory is Another Country

How have Vietnamese women remembered the past? Laura Chirot reviews Nathalie Huynh Chau Nguyen’s book, Memory is Another Country: Women …(read more)

7. The Miniature Work of Diem Chau

You have to see these amazing sculptures carved from Crayola crayons! diaCRITIC Lien Truong talks with Diem Chau about her inspirations …(read more)

8. Bẫy Rồng / Clash – A Review of the Action-Film Hit by Lee Ngo

diaCRITICS will occasionally feature guest bloggers. This one is from Lee Ngo, who reviews movies at his blog, Lee Column. Remember …(read more)

9. Ocean Vuong’s ‘Burnings’ — A Review by Eric Nguyen

Check out this poet and his new book, Burnings, by Ocean Vuong. diaCRITICS occasionally features the writing of guest bloggers. Eric …(read more)

10. My Father’s Waterloo—Vietnam, Napoleon and Our Family Vacation

What do the Vietnam War, Napoleon and Waterloo have in common?  Andrew Lam tells us the answer. In his new …(read more)