Most Critical April 2011

1. Enforcing the Silence: The Unsolved Murder of Lam Duong

Have you heard of Lam Duong? Chances are you haven’t. Tony Nguyen’s new documentary, Enforcing the Silence, wants to change that. Lam Duong was a left-wing Vietnamese American journalist and community worker in San Francisco who was murdered in 1981. The crime remains unsolved. Viet Thanh Nguyen reviews the film below. [before we begin: have you heard about our subscriber drive? win …(read more)

2. San Francisco Diasporic Vietnamese Film Festival – A Preview

At last! The San Francisco Diasporic Vietnamese Film Festival on April 23rd is the first ever Bay Area film festival …(read more)

3. Con Rồng Cháu Tiên

The (his)story of Việt Nam is so often told through the war and refugee experience that it may seem like …(read more)

4. My Father’s Daughter

Although Vietnam has generally been a patriarchal society, dotted throughout its history are women who bucked the Confucianist ways and rose …(read more)

5. For Poetry Month, Five Voices from the Vietnamese Diaspora

The Vietnamese diaspora . . . and poetry? Don’t know anything about that? diaCRITIC and poet Kim-An Lieberman gives us …(read more)

6. Vietnamese American Film & Literature Envision a New Homeland

If you’re in the D.C. area, don’t miss this April 14th event that will bring together Monique Truong, Truong Tran, …(read more)

7. LeUyen Pham, Children’s Book Illustrator

Le Uyen Pham has a history like many of us Vietnamese Americans. She was born in Saigon in 1973, left …(read more)

8. Jade Hidle: A Review of Le Thanh Son’s Clash (Bẫy Rồng)

diaCRITIC Jade Hidle takes a second look at Le Thanh Son’s action film, Clash, and raises questions of the Vietnamese …(read more)

9. Andrew Lam Interviews Angie Chau

Andrew Lam and Angie Chau are two ubiquitous names in the Vietnamese literary scene.  Beyond being writers, they share similar …(read more)

10. What Happened in March: Some News and Events

What newsworthy events took place in March? Contributor Julie Nguyen offers a critical recap of March happenings in the general …(read more)