Most Critical May 2011

1. Bearing the Weight of History: A Young Chăm Woman’s Story

At diaCRITICS, we center a cross-ethnic and transnational approach, as fifty-four ethnicities live within present-day Vietnam and as the Vietnamese diaspora has resettled on five continents. Yet the ethnic minorities of Vietnam, and their communities abroad, are often forgotten. By featuring those in the Vietnamese diaspora whose identities and histories are less well known, we highlight the importance of de-centering …(read more)

2. Nude Dudes and Nukes: Photography in Phnom Penh, 2010-2011

This compelling overview of Phnom Penh’s photography scene, written by Christopher Hearle and Thien-Huong Ninh, features the captivating work of Việt …(read more)

3. From Viet Nam to Japan via France: Tran Anh Hung’s Latest Film

While the acclaimed adaptation of Murakami’s novel has yet to be released in the United States, diaCRITIC correspondent in France …(read more)

4. The Long Bien Picture Show // Buổi Chiếu Bóng Long Biên

Long Biên is a district in the city of Hà Nội that is home to about 170,000 inhabitants.  For the last …(read more)

5. Tofu, No Apologies: Interviewing with Food Writer Andrea Nguyen

Ever wonder what goes into a good, yummy bowl of pho? What about how to make the ever-popular banh mi, …(read more)

6. Jade Hidle: A Voice that Sings: Spoken Word Artist Bao Phi Performs at USC

When Bao Phi steps on stage, he is in command of the audience’s experience in every aspect.  He instructs listeners …(read more)

7. Stories from Beyond: A Recap of the Beyond the War Panel

What does it mean for Vietnamese Americans to be “beyond the war”? A featured writer on diaCRITICS for her new …(read more)

8. Petits Viet Nams: CAFI, A Look at a Little Viet Nam in France

While there are many Vietnamese in France at the present, the past of how some of those Vietnamese – especially …(read more)

9. Open Thread: Your Chance to Participate

This is a new feature: the open thread! Here you get to bring up your own topics and musings, initiate …(read more)

10. What Happened in April: Some News and Events

What interesting events took place in April (besides getting rained on)? Contributor Julie Nguyễn offers a critical recap of April …(read more)