Most Critical May 2013

1. Deliciously Abundant Daily Life (in Viet Nam, with photos)

Guest author Christina Vo reflects on the varieties of beautiful street scenery in Viet Nam, with photos by Eric Wolfinger, photographer for Charles Phan’s Vietnamese Home Cooking. Have you subscribed to diaCRITICS yet? Subscribe and win prizes! Read more details. My father’s Vietnamese friend once tried to explain to me how daily life was “visible” in Vietnam. I didn’t understand what she …(read more)

2. Jade Hidle: Phật Bà Meets Ricki the Raindrop

From a reflection on being Vietnamese and spiritual, diaCRITIC Jade Hidle remembers her childhood relationship with Phật Bà, the Vietnamese …(read more)

3. The Vietnamese New Wave Revival

As many of you know, diaCRITICS periodically reposts blog entries from other blog sites. We are excited to share with …(read more)

4. What Happened in April 2013: Some News and Events

What happened in April 2013: news and events relating to Vietnamese at home and in the diaspora. It’s time for …(read more)

5. Phỏng vấn Andrew X. Pham: “Ngôn từ thuộc về mọi người”

Andrew X. Pham có một nghề thú vị. Được đào tạo để trở thành kỹ sư, anh bỏ việc để …(read more)

6. Interview with Andrew X. Pham: “Words Belong to Everyone”

Andrew X. Pham has had an interesting career. An engineer by training, he left his job to bike along the …(read more)

7. Anvi Hoàng: 8 Điều Hay Về Instant Noodle | 8 Things I Love About Instant Noodle

Cảnh trong phim Instant Noodle, đạo diễn Nguyễn Trọng Khoa – Hình từ trang web của ViFF / A scene …(read more)

8. Anvi Hoàng: Ngắn hay Dài? – Feeling the Films at ViFF

  The 6th biannual Vietnamese International Film Festival in Orange County has officially spread its reputation to the Midwest. Flying in …(read more)


KATE HERS AND LINH SONG WIN IN OUR SUBSCRIBER DRIVE! diaCRITICS wants to add 100 new subscribers! The 25th, 50th, 75th, …(read more)

10. April 30: Looking Backward

How do you celebrate April 30? Do you? In this post, Khanh Ho discusses some of the hazards of looking …(read more)