Out of the Margins

Sometimes when Christine       lets down her hair, sometimes when                she lets down her hair, it seems as if my                   nocturnal bloodstream were transporting private cargos of emotion across the pacific.
WHO WAS ANDREW JACKSON He was the seventh president of the United States He was responsible for the Indian Removal Act He was poor but ended up rich ...
These portraits give recognition to the inherent third eye. Guiding our discernment and intuition, it assists us in the search for answers. The stitching in the work, soft and possibly unnoticed, describes that small, quiet voice within us - that intuition that serves to guide us from moment to moment.
We delve further into the intersection of the visual and storytelling/narrative-making with our late-June post of two collage art series by Trinh Mai -- "We Are Here" (Part 1) and "The Third Eye Series" (Part 2). We chose these two to showcase the way the artist contemplates both family/history and self,...
Bao Phi teams up with filmmaker Tony Nguyen to perform a visual version of his poem, "Future Letter to Daughter Apologizing for When I Caved to Her Request and Brought Her to Barbie's Dream House at the Mall of America."
I struggle to figure out what exactly to say today about Vietnam and the experiences that we all carry. My relationship with it remains complicated, and it is one with so many contradictions and without any final resolution. My Vietnam experience keeps on changing with the times.