diaCRITICIZE: Off The Mark—Wahlberg #CrimingWhileWhite

The past several days has hosted a veritable media explosion (of sorts) after “Marky Mark” Wahlberg’s appeal for an official state pardon for his felonious 1988 assault conviction. So here diaCRITIC Julie Thi Underhill, an occasional managing editor, reflects on Wahlberg’s rise to fame as rapper, actor, and media mogul after his anti-Vietnamese hate crimes committed in Boston, in the …(read more)

For a Bag of Coffee (Giá của một gói cà phê)

Vietnam is simultaneously a major exporter of coffee (2nd largest in the world) and a primary source country for trafficked …(read more)

Bearing the Weight of History: A Young Chăm Woman’s Story

At diaCRITICS, we center a cross-ethnic and transnational approach, as fifty-four ethnicities live within present-day Vietnam and as the Vietnamese …(read more)

What Happened in April: Some News and Events

What interesting events took place in April (besides getting rained on)? Contributor Julie Nguyễn offers a critical recap of April …(read more)