Award-winning poet Hoa Nguyen has been offering poetics workshops - in Toronto and in cyberspace - for nearly twenty years. Born in the Mekong Delta and raised in Washington D.C., her books include As Long As Trees LastRed Juice: Poems 1998-2008, and Violet Energy Ingots, nominated for a 2017 Griffin Prize for poetry.
Reviewed by Eric Nguyen. The best of Hoa Nguyen’s poetry is challenging. There is no hand holding and very few concrete objects to grasp. “I love when poems disrupt expectations, are dissonant, cut and bend in unexpected ways,” she says in an interview with The Rusty Toque.
Perfume River Poetry Review is accepting submissions for their fifth anniversary issue, centered on the theme "Vietnam Forever." Submissions will be accepted by mail only until December 31, 2016. Below is a message from the editor, Vuong Vu. For this issue, we are going back to the motherland, my homeland, Vietnam. We...
the color blue is the color of eyes we do not have we push through what lies in front of us
In the beginning, as a hidden being, I was absorbed in the nước ối (amniotic fluid) of my mother. I was there, safe in darkness, unknowing of what would happen, until being born. Then I came to know that I am a vulnerable being in life. To know about nước mắt (tears), the waters of human, and nước mưa (rain), the waters of sky, one pushing from the inside out, one falling from the outside in...
diaCRITICS presents 4 poems by Saigon-based poet, Chieu Anh Nguyen. Huong Nguyen's translations for each poem follow the original Vietnamese text. Originally published in Undercurrents, the latest issue of Iowa University's Exchanges literary journal.