Starting a Queer Revolution

In 2014, Aiden Nguyễn arrived in Saigon. Coming from New York, he was surprised by the lack of a unified …(read more)

Voices of Vietnam

Voices of Vietnam recently launched their new website focusing on raising awareness about the assaults committed by South Korean soldiers during …(read more)

Trư Cuồng—a thirty year-old warning

‘Flicisme’ is a term coined in the 1970s by them, those Vietnamese then reckoned the promising figures of a generation …(read more)

Tony Nguyen: A Chance for Truth in Little Saigon

Tony Nguyen, director of Enforcing the Silence, responds to criticism of FRONTLINE and ProPublica’s new documentary investigating the murders of Vietnamese-American …(read more)

Unprotected by Assimilation: Lessons from the Case of Duy Ngo

When I began reading that a White House petition had collected 100,000 signatures — many of them reportedly Chinese names …(read more)

Interview with Linh Dinh: Poetry, Politics, and “Postcards”

Tahseen Alkhateeb interviews American poet and diaCRITIC Linh Dinh. This interview was originally published in Arabic in Al Arab, a …(read more)


Cuộc phỏng vấn với Đinh Linh– nhà thơ, nhà văn viết truyện hư cấu, dịch giả, nhiếp ảnh gia người …(read more)

Vietnam in the U.S.A.

diaCRITIC Linh Dinh has been traveling to various parts of America for his project Postcards from the End of America, a compilation of photos …(read more)

Sur Thích Quảng Đức, Bà Đặng Thị Kim Liêng et l’Auto-Immolation

La rédactrice en chef de diaCRITICS Julie Thi Underhill commente la pratique de l’auto-immolation et le suicide politique de la …(read more)

Rapper Nah Nguyen’s “Địt Mẹ Cộng Sản” (DMCS) or “Fuck Communism,” Part 3

In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, we saw Vietnamese rapper Nah’s viral video for his new song, “Địt …(read more)

Rapper Nah Nguyen’s “Địt Mẹ Cộng Sản” (DMCS) or “Fuck Communism,” Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, author Lac Su updated us on Saigonese rapper Nah whose “Địt Mẹ Cộng Sản” …(read more)

Rapper Nah Nguyen’s “Địt Mẹ Cộng Sản” (DMCS) or “Fuck Communism,” Part 1

A couple of years ago, diacritics interviewed and reviewed Saigonese rapper Nah. The following letter by guest writer Lac Su, …(read more)

White Women Say I’m Too Confident (and Other Racist S*&%)

Originally featured on Black Girl Dangerous, Kim Tran writes about how racial stereotypes affect the perception of women in her community. …(read more)