Book Review: Afterland

Reviewed by: Do Nguyen Mai   As a poetry collection, Afterland demonstrates not only Mai Der Vang’s masterful use of imagery, but also a deep understanding of lyrical rhythms. Stylistically, Vang is similar yet distinct from other Southeast Asian American poets, demonstrating a shared stylistic preference for shorter pieces but capturing moments in the present tense. Unlike other Southeast Asian …(read more)

A Conversation about A Different Pond with Bao Phi and Thi Bui

Contributing writer Jade Hidle reflects on the role of reading in her own childhood, and speaks to Bao Phi and …(read more)

Book Review: Der Amerikanische Krieg: Erinnerungskultur in Vietnam

Der Amerikanische Krieg: Erinnerungskultur in Vietnam  [The American War: Culture of Memory in Việt Nam], by Andreas Margara; Berlin: regiospectra Verlag, 2012. Reviewed …(read more)

Art Exhibit: Hướng Nước / Inheritance / Water (Preview)

In honor of Tết and the Lunar New Year, the Portland Children’s Museum (Portland, Oregon) is hosting the traveling exhibit …(read more)

I Am Miss Saigon, and I Hate It

Diep Tran reflects on how the musical “Miss Saigon” perpetuates Orientalist stereotypes and narratives in which the Vietnamese are victims, not …(read more)

Zora Mai Quỳnh Reviews “Nationalist in the Việt Nam Wars”

diaCRITIC Zora Mai Quỳnh reviews Nguyễn Công Luận’s memoir, “Nationalist in the Việt Nam Wars: Memoirs of a Victim Turned …(read more)

Eric Nguyen Reviews Genaro Kỳ Lý Smith’s ‘The Land South of the Clouds’

diaCRITIC Eric Nguyen reviews The Land South of the Clouds, Genaro Kỳ Lý Smith’s newest fiction novel. Genaro Kỳ Lý Smith …(read more)

Vietnamese and Vietnamese American Lit: A Primer from Viet Thanh Nguyen

“Sometimes people have said that I give voice to the voiceless Vietnamese. If you know anything about Vietnamese people, you …(read more)

Memory Matters: Karín Aguilar-San Juan Reviews ‘Body Counts’

diaCRITIC Karín Aguilar-San Juan reviews Yen Le Espiritu’s book, Body Counts: The Vietnam War and Militarized Refugees. MEMORY MATTERS In …(read more)

Eric Nguyen Reviews ‘The Adventures of Joe Harper’

diaCRITIC Eric Nguyen reviews Phong Nguyen’s newest book, The Adventures of Joe Harper. On the first page of his manuscript of …(read more)


diaCRITIC Eric Nguyen bình luận cuốn tiểu thuyết đầu tay của Viet Dinh After Disasters. Tháng 1 năm 2001, tại bang …(read more)

Eric Nguyen Reviews ‘Fish in Exile’ by Vi Khi Nao

diaCRITIC Eric Nguyen reviews Vi Khi Nao’s newest book, Fish in Exile. Grief is such a common subject in fiction, it’s …(read more)

Eric Nguyen Reviews ‘After Disasters’ by Viet Dinh

diaCRITIC Eric Nguyen reviews Viet Dinh’s debut novel After Disasters. In January 2001, an earthquake struck the Gujarat area of …(read more)