To what extent do war and separation and loss shadow us? How do we navigate erasure? Can we shape grief and healing with words, images, emptiness, and space? Diana Khoi Nguyen explores these questions and more in her remarkable book of poetry, Ghost Of.
Reviewed by Eric Nguyen. Along with poets like Vi Khi Nao and Hoa Nguyen, Stacey Tran represents a wave of Vietnamese American poets experimenting with language and testing the limits of the genre...
Huynh's work encompasses what he describes as interrogating 'war, diaspora, refugees, asylum seekers and migrant communities', and it's these parts of his practice that are highlighted in a current exhibition at Fairfield City Museum & Gallery in Australia.
Reviewed by Anh-Hoa Thi Nguyen. To recognize suffering is the first sign of healing, and the poems of Hieu Minh Nguyen’s most recent book Not Here, published by Coffee House Press, does just that. Through a labyrinth of lyrical ironies we are led on a path of healing...

Book Review: Afterland

Reviewed by Do Nguyen Mai. As a poetry collection, Afterland demonstrates not only Mai Der Vang’s masterful use of imagery, but also a deep understanding of lyrical rhythms.
Reviewed by Christoph Giebel. Andreas Margara’s book on the ways in which the Second Indochina War, or the American war in Việt Nam, is remembered in contemporary, reform/Đổi Mới-era Việt Nam leaves me of two minds.