Spoken word

Martin Luther King, Jr., on Vietnam—and Today

Martin Luther King, Jr., is best known for his speech “I Have a Dream.” Relatively few people know of his speech “Beyond Vietnam,” delivered on April 4, 1967, one year before he was assassinated. It is a prophetic, unsettling, and radical speech that still resonates today. It is little wonder that Americans prefer to remember the optimism of “I Have …(read more)

Writers’ Spotlight: Thao P. Nguyen

The Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network and the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center are proud to present the Fourth San Francisco …(read more)

A Vietnamese American Protest Organizer’s History Against Miss Saigon

As one of the longest-running Broadway musical in musical theatre history, Miss Saigon has received plenty of praise but also …(read more)

Warrior Poet

diaCRITICS occasionally features guest blogs and reprints. Here is a review of Bao Phi’s debut poetry collection, “Sông I Sing”, by …(read more)

Jade Hidle: A Voice that Sings: Spoken Word Artist Bao Phi Performs at USC

When Bao Phi steps on stage, he is in command of the audience’s experience in every aspect.  He instructs listeners …(read more)

You Must Learn: Bao Phi Dropping Science at SFSU

Bao Phi: Speaking out and speaking the word. Bao Phi, a spoken word poet and community activist, was previously featured …(read more)

Editor’s Picks: Julie Thi Underhill’s Top Ten Most Critical

As a co-managing editor, I am fortunate to have deep exposure to amazing ideas and visions and critiques via this …(read more)

Bao Phi on a Decade of Asian Am Spoken Word

Bao Phi has been a visionary performance poet since 1991, and is the best Vietnamese spoken word artist out there, period. …(read more)