In our March essay, Tuan Phan meditates on erasures and progress, history and modernity, and what is or is not disappearing, in a changing Saigon where trees (and the memories of trees) stand as diligent, time-bearing witnesses. You can read more of Tuan’s writing at: https://itsaphanlife.com/ DISAPPEARING SAIGON It had rained hard for hours, and now the monsoon accumulation gushed through the streets and …(read more)

Multicultural, Progressive, Totalitarian Vietnam

Linh Dinh writes on culture and politics in the new Vietnam. I last saw Vietnam in 2001. Back then, Saigon …(read more)

The Curation of a Space :: Dao Strom Speaks to Stacey Tran

Stacey Tran is a poet, artist, and event-organizer based in Portland, OR. She is the curator for HOLDING SPACE, a …(read more)

Natalie Porter bình luận tác phẩm Sài Gòn vùng giáp ranh: Những câu chuyện ngoài rìa

Qua một góc nhìn mới mẻ về trải nghiệm đô thị hóa của cư dân ở rìa thành phố Hồ …(read more)

Interview with Linh Dinh: Poetry, Politics, and “Postcards”

Tahseen Alkhateeb interviews American poet and diaCRITIC Linh Dinh. This interview was originally published in Arabic in Al Arab, a …(read more)

Jeff Kingston: Memory Wars and the Vietnam Debacle

April 30th marks the fortieth anniversary of the ‘fall of Saigon’, as Americans remember it, the day that the North …(read more)

diaCRITICIZE: Off The Mark—Wahlberg #CrimingWhileWhite

The past several days has hosted a veritable media explosion (of sorts) after “Marky Mark” Wahlberg’s appeal for an official …(read more)

Natalie Porter Reviews Saigon’s Edge: On the Margins of Ho Chi Minh City

Exploring how the production of symbolic and material space intersects with Vietnamese concepts of social space, rural-urban relations, and notions …(read more)

Tiffany Chung’s “Fantasy Futurism”

What will Vietnam look like in 50 years? Tiffany Chung’s artworks examines the complexity of urban development and transformation in …(read more)

Postcard from the End of America: San Jose

 Our very own diaCRITIC, Linh Dinh, has been traveling to various parts of America for his project Postcards from the End …(read more)

Interview with Kieu-Linh Caroline Valverde: We’re not just boat people

An Interview with Kieu-Linh Caroline Valverde–scholar, activist, writer–touches upon the many journeys made in the production of her book:  Transnationalizing …(read more)

Same-Sex Marriage Rights in Viet Nam—The Conversation Begins

In recent years, diaCRITICS has seen the debates regarding gay marriage take center stage not only in the United States …(read more)

Hoangmai Pham’s ‘Running Saigon’

The following memoir essay is by Hoangmai Pham, who escaped from Saigon to the U.S. with her family in 1975, …(read more)