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Maggie Q: A New Nikita

Action flicks are my junk food– you name the genre: …(read more)

San Jose is a "Fool for Love": A Second View of the Hit Film

Charlie Nguyen apparently plucked Dustin Nguyen right off of the …(read more)

Review of Để Mai Tính (Fool for Love) Premiere

A Review of Ðể Mai Tính By Jade Hidle The …(read more)

rock paper salt : the art work of christine nguyen

These works speak of great bionetworks that exist outside the ecosphere …(read more)

Luke Nguyen in Viet Nam: Vietnamese Cuisine Goes Global

Do you enjoy reading diaCRITICS? Then please consider subscribing! Vietnamese cuisine …(read more)

Asian American arts and culture in Orange County

Orange County, California has often been dismissed as a dead …(read more)

Để Mai Tính’s (Fool for Love) US premiere

The biggest hit of Vietnamese cinema this year is coming …(read more)

Jade Hidle: The Circle Painting Project and Overcoming a Tetherball Dilemma

This is the first blog by our newest diaCRITIC, Jade …(read more)

Teleconference: The Tale of Kieu in English

an introduction to the poem for English-language readers and as an in-depth discussion of Nguyen Du’s prosody for Vietnamese literature specialists …(read more)

Ru, a novel by Kim Thuy

Do you enjoy reading diaCRITICS? Then please consider subscribing! diaCRITICS will …(read more)

Six Vietnamese Writers Awarded Human Rights Prize

An international human rights group honored six Vietnamese writers last …(read more)

Hero With a Thousand Faces

I have often thought I could have lived many different …(read more)