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Outspoken: Poets of the Diaspora II, featuring Trinh T. Minh-ha

On April 24th, the Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network presented “Outspoken: …(read more)

Grunts vs. Gooks: Vietnam War Literature and Marlantes’ Matterhorn

I’ll admit it. I’m a Vietnam War junkie, ever since …(read more)

Where Are They Now?

John Ashcroft would be up in arms.  For if there’s …(read more)

Quick Links: Happy Belated "Deep Resentment Day"

Forget eating fried chicken in Ho Chi Minh City, what …(read more)

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day in small-town New England we clean the …(read more)

A Life in Dreams

I never knew Tam Tran, but by all accounts, she …(read more)

Paradise and Prisons: New York Times on the Con Dao Islands

Vietnam is apparently going the way of Thailand. The New …(read more)

Meeting a Taxi Driver in N.Y. and Other Poems by Phan Nhiên Hạo

SPOTLIGHT ON PHAN NHIÊN HẠO The poems below by Phan …(read more)

the war after the war

This post is going to be of a more personal …(read more)

Operation Greenlight

Cinema Symposium 5 (UCLA) I had the chance to take …(read more)

diaCRITICIZE: Loudspeakers in different languages

diaCRITICIZE is the periodic editors’ note or guest editorial. Here, …(read more)

Asia Entertainment pays tribute in “55 Năm Nhìn Lại” Video

Asia Entertainment, for those who might be unfamiliar with Vietnamese …(read more)