Monthly Archives: May 2010

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diaCRITICIZE: Loudspeakers in different languages

diaCRITICIZE is the periodic editors' note or guest editorial. Here, Nguyen Qui Duc reflects on some legacies of war: "The war’s over. I am so glad. I can go back to sleep. I haven’t been able to for most of April…"

Asia Entertainment pays tribute in “55 Năm Nhìn Lại” Video

Asia Entertainment, for those who might be unfamiliar with Vietnamese disaporic pop culture, is the production company that has gone head to head with...

Diasporic Ho Chi Minh

We can't let May 19th pass without a gesture toward the man the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam claims was born that day in...

You say Dia, I say Địa

I was immediately enchanted by Rich Streitmatter-Tran's creative use of the prefix Dia when he launched his blog in 2005.

Thao Nguyen – A Role Model of the Indie Music Variety

I first stumbled upon Thao Nguyen three years ago.  I was immediately in awe of her smokey infectious voice, well crafted lyrics, and beaming stage presence. It was inspiring for me to see a Vietnamese singer songwriter make music on her own terms.

When memories collide: an Interview with Đoan Hoàng

Speaking of arrivals and returns... PART I During one of my trips back to my dad’s hometown, I asked my uncle if there were photographs of...