In the Diaspora: October 2013 Update

What happened in October 2013: news and events relating to Vietnamese at home and in the diaspora.

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Viet Kieu in the news

Anthropologist Natalie Newton• A Vietnamese Americans anthropologist investigates the myth about gay people in Vietnamese culture and history.

Vietnamese Boat People Monument of Gratitude• The Vietnamese Community Association in Perth, Australia, unveiled a monument commemorating refugees who died after the end of the Vietnam (American) War.

Marijuana• The demand for foreign-grown marijuana in Vietnam involves the Vietnamese diaspora in North America.

Chili peppers• Here’s some more interesting tidbits about your favorite hot sauce, Sriracha.

News about Vietnam

Ethnic minority worshippers• The authoritarian government in Vietnam is attempting to stomp out religious worship by ethnic minorities.

Participants at a LGBT event in Hanoi• Hundreds of participants took part in a staged wedding ceremony between two same-sex couples.

scene from 'House in the Alley'• V-horror film, “House in the Valley,” displayed little shock. [WP]

Ninh Thuan province Vietnam brushes aside safety concerns regarding its seven planned nuclear plants.

Victims of police beatings• Vietnamese authorities continue to suppress religious practice throughout the country.

Inspecting illegal Chinese clinicSeven Chinese charlatans were found practicing as doctors at a clinic in HCMC.

UXO victim• Another boy in central Vietnam is killed by UXO.

• As the coffee harvest starts, coffee buyers are paying a lower premium.

Increased air travel in Vietnam “is growing by double digits.”

Other News

The Smart Wheel• A new device helps bicyclists with their daily work commute.

General Robert Rheault Green Berets commander who was involved in a scandal during the Vietnam (American) War dies.

• An international study on Alzheimer’s disease has identified 11 new genes that may help understand the causes of the disease.

Special thanks to Viet Thanh Nguyen for providing many of the news items.



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