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diaCRITICIZE: My Black April

Black April stirs mixed feelings in me. Do we have to call this anniversary Black? Really, Vietnamese people? Is that the best we can do? After all, isn’t White the color of death in Vietnam?

Khanh Ho: An Open Letter about Queer Vietnam

Drawing examples from queer-themed Vietnamese films and his own personal experience in Vietnam, writer, scholar, and activist Khanh Ho responds to a student's question...

diaCRITICIZE — You Didn’t Kill Us All, You Know — Part Two

…Granted, the academic interest in Chăm history and culture, exemplified by recent conferences held in HCMC and Phan Thiết, shows that we are still "on the map" for some scholars, even as we sometimes disappear within the "family" of Việt Nam rubric whereby no indigenous peoples are recognized as such, by the current government.

diaCRITICIZE — You Didn’t Kill Us All, You Know — Part One

In this exclusive new diaCRITICIZE, Julie Thi Underhill offers an in-depth introduction to the sometimes fraught relationship between Chăm Americans and Vietnamese Americans. She raises difficult questions, including why Vietnamese and Vietnamese Americans would rather forget the conquest of the Chăm, the continuing existence of the Chăm people, and whether or not the Chăm can be compared to Native Americans.

Writers’ Spotlight: Filmmaker Masahiro Sugano

  The Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network and the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center are proud to present the Fourth San Francisco Diaporic Vietnamese Literary Festival on Saturday,...

Anvi Hoàng’s travelog: In meditation in Đà Lạt: Một thoáng tĩnh

The search for childhood memory is a tricky journey. Anvi has tried more than one time and eventually found her way, at some cost!...