October 2014 News and Events Updates

What happened in October 2014: Socio-cultural, literary, and political news and events relating to Viet nam and to the Vietnamese diaspora.


AIA Vietnam tour• The Archaeological Institute of America’s Art & Architecture of Vietnam & Cambodia (land tour) starts in November 2014.

Idealist: ELI VietnamVIETNAM: ELI Youth Initiative at Idealist Fair in various cities from November 3 to 12.

Viet Kieu in the news

President Barack Obama and Nina PhamNurse Nina Pham is Ebola-free and is released from an NIH hospital to return home. [NPR]

Dissident Nguyen Van Hai freed• The Vietnamese authorities freed Nguyen Van Hai, a prominent blogger and dissident, from jailed. RFA interviews the blogger.

Xe Do Hoang busThe Xe Do Hoang bus line helps maintain family ties by shuttling people between Little Saigon and San jose.

War photographer Le Minh ThaiVietnam War photographer, Le Minh Thai, dies at 93.

Maggie Q on 'Stalker'• ‘Stalker’ co-star Maggie Q prefers privacy.

Little Saigon• The money laundering investigation in Westminster may involve campaign donors.

Jeannie MaiCohost of The Real, Jeannie Mai, talks candidly about “controversial and sensitive topics.”


News about Viet Nam

Vietnamese have optimistic outlook• Majority of Vietnamese are optimistic about their children’s economic future.

Vietnamese studentsThe success of the failing Vietnamese educational system will depend on the talents of the thousands of returning students from study abroad.

Healthcare system not workingThe health-care system, which is dependent on “out of pocket” payments, is not providing proper health care to petients.

Catholics protesting• Catholics in Vietnam held a protest demanding the return of church land that was seized by government officials.

Arrested human traffickersSix members of a gang are arrested for human trafficking of 147 poor women to China and South Korea.

A dehorned rhinoceros and its calf• Through the efforts of educational campaigns, the demand for rhino horns has drop by more than 33% since last year.

A Vietnamese fishing boat is attacked by a Chinese Surveillance Ship near the disputed Paracel islands.

Other News

Robert McNamara and Lyndon B Johnson• The Vietnam War was “a political crime that should be recorded as such in history books.” [Wasn’t it more than a “political crime”? Wasn’t it actually a “war crime”?]

Special thanks to Viet Thanh Nguyen for providing many of the news items.


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