Editor’s Note: Our Accidental Hiatus

Dear subscribers and readers,

Perhaps you noticed that diaCRITICS didn’t publish anything from May 9th until early this month. Well, we did publish several articles, but you may not have received notification of them, because our email client died. We–that is, I–didn’t catch that problem until July. What happened? My novel came out in April, I was on tour and doing publicity for it until May, and finishing another book that I turned in in early July. Which is when I finally could take a breath and realize that I hadn’t seen any emails from diaCRITICS for months.

We fixed the problem, we hope. If you’re a subscriber, you should be getting this as an email. We’re going to reprint the articles that we published since May 9th, to give you a chance to read them in case you haven’t. We’re also going to reprint the news of our 25th and 40th winners of our subscription drive. But we’re already closing in on the 75th subscriber, who wins a prize (a signed first edition of my novel–if this sounds egotistical, it probably is, but it’s also free for diaCRITICS). So spread the word about the subscription drive, because if you refer someone who wins, you win, too.

We also have new articles that we’ve been waiting to publish, so look out for those.

Viet Nguyen



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