In the Diaspora: January 2016

What happened in January 2016: socio-cultural, literary, and political news and events relating to Vietnam and to the Vietnamese diaspora. [Note: Comments (in brackets “[ ]”) are the opinion of the poster and does not reflect the view of diaCRITICS]


Dao Strom announces, “I’ve just received the very fortunate news that I’ve been awarded a 2016 Creative Capital Award in Literature.”Creative Capital

Viet Kieu in the news

Van Anh Vo performs in The Odyssey–From Vietnam to America, which “explores the personal and spiritual journeys of the Boat People.”Musician Van Anh Vo

Medical students volunteer at the free An Lanh Clinic to serve the uninsured in Garden Grove.UCI Medical Students

A Vietnamese American was arrested for allegedly raping, assaulting, and tormenting his ex-girlfriends for nearly two decades.Cuong Nguyen

• FBI documents reveal the Front was also responsible for violence on refugees in Australia.Front leader Hoang Co Minh

News about Viet Nam

• Vietnamese authorities break up a demonstration and arrest petitioners for protesting against government seizure of family farms.Demonstrators against government

• A “black liquid” disguised as concentrated coffee is actually a poisonous chemical substance made in China. [This is probably another one of China’s many ploys to destroy Vietnam and its people.]Chinese poisonous coffee

• Compared to 2014, in 2015 Vietnam’s beer consumption increased by 10% to 3.4 billion liters. [Another sad statistic.]Beer consumption

• The new population law will be “regressive [and] unfair” to the poor.Proposed law unfair to poor

With “an old-style ideologue” coming to power, the disconnect between the government and the people continues to widen.Mr. Dung and Mr. Trong

The death of a sacred turtle is seen by many Vietnamese as a bad omen for the ruling party and the country.Sacred turtle

As a means of tackling the illegal casual sport betting, a draft decree is proposed to allow betting on some sports.Illegal gambling

Hanoi’s gated communities reflect the widening gap between the wealthy and the poor.A Hanoi gated community

Other News

• In agreement with the Vietnamese government, the Catholic Church will officially open a Catholic university in 2016.Catholic University in Vietnam

• The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced it will create a new mission in Hanoi, Vietnam.The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

• A growing number of Asian-Americans are becoming politically engaged, but “Asian-American voters are not getting as much attention from either party.”Politically-engaged Asian Americans

A U.S. veteran finds the Vietnamese girlfriend he abandoned in 1970. Jim Reischl meets Nguyen Thi Hanh after 40 years

Special thanks to Viet Thanh Nguyen and Nina Lamaria for providing many of the news items.



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