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THIS IS FOR MẸ: I Speak in Silence

In this first cross-posting of this is for mẹ, founder and diaCRITICS contributing editor, Jess Boyd, plays with the words that play with her, discussing the power and pull of what is suppressed and expressed.

Hunger: A Story by Angie Chau

I live in a three-bedroom house with my mom and dad and little sister Michelle. We have the corner bedroom because my mom can’t sleep. Down the hall, the biggest bedroom goes to my uncle and aunt because they have three sons. The smallest room goes to my aunt Kim because it’s only her and Sophia and Marcel who don’t have a dad.

Book Review of Diana Khoi Nguyen’s Ghost Of

To what extent do war and separation and loss shadow us? How do we navigate erasure? Can we shape grief and healing with words, images, emptiness, and space? Diana Khoi Nguyen explores these questions and more in her remarkable book of poetry, Ghost Of.

diaCRITICS News & Events: October 15, 2018

■ News from the Diaspora ■ Minh Nguyen awarded for fighting mental health stigma Woman Accused Of Vandalizing Buddhist Statues Charged With Hate Crime ■ News from...