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Writing Into Existence: Artist Profile of Kimberly Nguyen

A goal of my poetry is to explore each complicated avenue of my identity as it manifests and conflicts with another avenue, to acknowledge all the problems and joys being Vietnamese-American. I can mourn for the loss of a homeland and empathize with my mother’s loss of country at the same time I can keep in mind the South Vietnamese persecution of Buddhists.

More Than My Ethnicity

I grew up wanting to run away from my physical identity and only wanting to be seen through the lenses of my character, my points of view, and my accomplishments. Why should being born to certain kind of people be at the forefront of everything I do?

From Law School Graduate to Activist Photographer: Artist Profile of Cindy Trinh

For me, photography has been a tool for change and impact. I believe that through visual imagery and storytelling, photographers have the power to change people’s minds.

In the Diaspora: January 2020

■ News from the Diaspora ■ ►How a boy from Vietnam became a slave on a UK cannabis farm ►Vietnamese mother reunites with daughter 44 years...

Most Anticipated ARVN Memoir: “Surviving the Vietnam War and Its Aftermath”

Vũ and Dương’s sweeping memoir unveils to the English-language reader a three pronged journey that would otherwise be held in mystery: the work of Vietnamese war correspondents during the Việt Nam War, the experience of South Vietnamese citizens, particularly women, imprisoned in Communist “re-education” camps, and the agonizing captivity of refugees held as hostages by Thai pirates.

Dismantling the Old Boys’ Club: Thuc Doan Nguyen & Hollywood

I think Hollywood has and still most of the time employs their friends from “the old boys’ club,” people who look alike and think alike and have similar views about women. This will only change when Hollywood actually values true inclusion, especially when so many studies and articles show doing right by marginalized groups equals a ton more loot at the box office.