In the Diaspora: March 2020


Socio-cultural, literary, and political news and events relating to Việt Nam and to the Vietnamese diaspora.

■ News from the Diaspora ■

San Jose: Fear lingers three years after Trump’s Vietnamese deportation order
Phuoc Thang

Little Saigon community meeting outlines importance of Vietnamese Americans taking part in census
Vietnamese community leaders

Vietnamese-American Man Dedicates Himself To Reuniting Other ‘Amerasians’ With Their Families
Amerasian Jimmy Miller

■ News from Việt Nam ■

Five more coronavirus infections confirmed in central Vietnam
Medical staff disinfecting hospital entrance

Vietnam May Ban Wildlife Trade to Mitigate Coronavirus
Wildlife on sale

Amidst COVID-19’s Spread, Hope For Education Innovation Glimmers In Vietnam
Security staff at school

The ‘landmine girls’ who clear Vietnam’s unexploded bombs
Landmine victim Nguyen Thi Hoa

Hanoi Court Hands Vietnamese Blogger 10-Year Prison Sentence
Blogger Truong Duy Nhat

■ More ■

The Other Problematic Outbreak (The Coronavirus’s Xenophobia Problem)

Coronavirus spreads anti-Asian racism

‘Dutch government was aware Vietnamese children were being trafficked’

Vietnam Free Expression Newsletter No. 10/2020 – Week of March 2-8

Samsung to shift some smartphone production to Vietnam due to coronavirus

Google, Microsoft shift production from China faster due to virus

Submission by Human Rights Watch to the Committee on the Rights of the Child Concerning Vietnam

Asia Rice-Thai drought raises supply jitters, Vietnam rates at over 1-yr high

Even Coronavirus Couldn’t Stop the 2nd US Carrier Visit to Vietnam

Going viral: Asia takes on the coronavirus with songs, dances


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