SXSW Jury Winner- “No Crying at the Dinner Table” Streaming Now

Vietnamese Canadian filmmaker Carol Nguyen’s short documentary, “No Crying at the Dinner Table” has received many accolades, including the grand jury award at SXSW. The moving film explores the layers of grief and what has been left unsaid in a family who share a part of themselves to one another at the dinner table. Nguyen’s film—and many others that were set to show or premiere at the SXSW film festival—sadly won’t make it onto the big screen at the conference since it’s been cancelled due to the pandemic. In lieu of showing at SXSW, the festival has partnered with Amazon to stream some of the films on their platform for free until May 6th.

Click to watch the “No Crying at the Dinner Table” and explore the other films streaming for a limited time.

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