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From Minneapolis: I Am Writing Because…

I am making a space for reflection with my communities, a space for my family who have been left out of the conversation for way too long, and a space for allies who are willing to burn down capitalism and fight for racial justice equity.

Đổi Mới ~ a poem by Diana Khoi Nguyen

"When my mother met my father on a Californian campus in 1983, they stood under a tree which bore fruit foreign to both. My mother brought one home cupped in the palm of her hand, and her mother planted the seed. Together the women shared its flesh. Together the women shared flesh."

Bài không tên: Phản ánh từ một người Mỹ gốc Việt ở Minneapolis

Cuộc biểu tình diễn ra tại góc đường 38th and Chicago3, địa điểm nơi một cảnh sát da trắng sát hại một người đàn ông da đen, George Floyd. Tôi rất quen thuộc với ngã tư này: Tôi lớn lên cách đó không xa, ở Phillips, và hiện đang sống gần hơn nữa.

THIS IS FOR MẸ: Hometown Flavors

"We had ancestors who were food advisors and cooks for royal families in Central and Southern Vietnam. After the Vietnam War, it was harder to hold onto our treasured recipes. As a first-generation American, I want to ensure our family’s rich history and long-lasting love for Vietnamese food will still be celebrated by generations of Vietnamese people throughout the world."

Book Review: Savage Pageant

"Savage Pageant" is a companion for our concurrent entrapment and escape. We can accompany the tapir into extinction, crushed and crushing both by and within the play, the pageant, the show.

In the Diaspora: June 2020

Socio-cultural, literary, and political news and events relating to the Vietnamese diaspora and to Việt Nam.