Yearly Archives: 2020

The ‘Nha’ in a Name

I hurriedly wrote an Op-ed for the newspaper I work for. “Please, Mr. Zemmour, leave our first names alone.” By this “us” I meant all people who happen, like me, to have first names which point to their (non-French) origins. I even alluded to the fact that I had proudly given my daughters, who are Eurasian, Vietnamese first names. I was insulted on Twitter and on Facebook.


"The tears are built-in to our war stories. Humor provides a back door to sadness that allows for a more gentle, and perhaps deeper, absorption of the story. That doesn't mean I in anyway try to lessen the horror in the story."

Retelling Memory: Artist Profile of Ann Le

"I am creating a fiction / non-fiction of events that have occurred in our history. Memory is slippery."

An Honest Story: A Conversation with the Creators of “So Lucky”

"But So Lucky is not a diagnosis. I think it’s inaccurate (and can potentially lead to harmful racial stereotyping) to say that our families are the cause of our mental health issues. I think it’s something more complex than that, something spanning over generations and seas. I wanted to create a space, not to point fingers, but to talk about all of it."

Reflections of a Jew-Bu

I was doing the High Holidays not only as an act of ritual, but also as a result of a deep yearning for something to feel familiar. Amidst an incredibly abrupt change of scenery—moving across the world to a new country, getting food poisoning during my first week, and most recently, contracting dengue fever. All of this, of course, occurring all at once on my first visit to Vietnam in over a decade.

Breaking Bread with “The Bánh Mì Chronicles”

Through this podcast, I wanted to break “banh mi” with fellow AAPI folks in Chicago and beyond to share their own experiences connecting to their AAPI roots, the work that they are doing to empower their community, their family, and themselves.