Dao Strom

Dao Strom is the author of a bilingual poetry/art book, You Will Always Be Someone From Somewhere Else (AJAR Press, 2018), a hybrid-forms memoir We Were Meant To Be a Gentle People + music album East/West (2015), and two books of fiction, The Gentle Order of Girls and Boys (2006) and Grass Roof, Tin Roof (2003). Her work has received support from the Creative Capital Foundation, RACC (Regional Arts & Culture Council), Oregon Arts Commission, National Endowment for the Arts, Precipice Fund, and others. She is the editor of diaCRITICS and co-founder of the collective She Who Has No Master(s). Twitter/Instagram: @herandthesea

Out of the Margins – “Iowa” (An Essay)

In the late summer of 1995 I arrived in Iowa City via Greyhound bus, toting one backpack and a guitar I could barely play, and I quickly found a room to rent in a house on the outskirts of town. A big white farmhouse set at the edge of cornfields and soybean fields, as I was told by the farmer and his wife who owned it, had been moved from another location just a few miles away.

diaCRITICS’ Vietnamese American Lit Series :: 2015 & Beyond

This forum is curated by Vietnamese American and Vietnamese diasporic editors and readers. We make this distinction to make clear that this is a space in which we define ourselves for ourselves. And here, in this shared space, we gather together some of our (scattered) voices and endeavors.

Vu Pham, Filmmaker – “My Brother”

The long shadows of inherited cultural trauma. The ghosts of past violence, un-remembered yet still felt. Lost/surprise siblings and scattered/absent parents. Being Vietnamese but managing somehow not to associate with many others of our kind: being outsiders.

Dao Strom: Reimagining the Book

In this exclusive interview with diaCRITICS' Kim-An Lieberman, Dao Strom shares how she developed the idea for a multimedia text that re-imagines what a contemporary "book" can be. 

Dao Strom: This is Why.

This is the wound we came out of. § More than three decades later, we say the war is over, lives are better now, we are safe, and we consider ourselves healed. We tell ourselves by now we “should” be healed.

Cataclysm, an origin tale, by Dao Strom

+++ Beginnings are cataclysmic. The birth event, the crossing, the passage across the now-new threshold—all involve something upheaved, abandoned, wrought or obliterated in their wake. A violence of movement. The word "cataclysm," if you trace it...