Z.M. Quỳnh

Z.M. Quỳnh
Z.M. Quỳnh is a Vietnamese American literary poet and writer whose short stories have appeared in the Anthologies: "The Chamber of Souls" - The SEA is Ours and "The South China Sea" - Genius Loci: The Spirit of Place. Her short story "The Chamber of Souls" was translated and featured in the Czech version of the "The SEA is Ours" anthology. Her short story, "The Seashell" was nominated in 2015 for a Sundress Best of the Net Award for fiction, given honorary mention by the literary magazine, Glimmer Train, and was featured in APAture 2016. Her essay "On the Topic of Erasure" was published in the Anthology, "People of Color Destroy Science Fiction." Her creative non-fiction essay, "Meta Eulogy: Nguyễn Ngọc Loan By A Vietnamese American," published at DiaCRITICS, was nominated in 2015 for a Sundress Best of the Net Award for creative non-fiction. Her essay, "Octavia Butler - Master Cultural Translator" was published by Twelfth Planet Press in "Luminescent Threads - Connections to Octavia Butler" and her short story, “Drink Brother for the Pain…” was published in Kweli Journal. Her poem, "When she sings..." debuted on Strange Horizons. She was a finalist for the 2014 Barbara Deming Writing Grant, attended the 2017 Sewanee Writing Conference and is a book reviewer and essayist for diaCRITICS (diacritics.org) on everything ARVN (the Army of the Republic of Vietnam).

Giving Voice to the Dream of Nation Building in Vietnam: “The Republic of Vietnam,...

For us, more than anything, "The Republic of Vietnam" is a primer and a demand for a more comprehensive, Vietnamese-written works of history.

Most Anticipated ARVN Memoir: “Surviving the Vietnam War and Its Aftermath”

Vũ and Dương’s sweeping memoir unveils to the English-language reader a three pronged journey that would otherwise be held in mystery: the work of Vietnamese war correspondents during the Việt Nam War, the experience of South Vietnamese citizens, particularly women, imprisoned in Communist “re-education” camps, and the agonizing captivity of refugees held as hostages by Thai pirates.

Book Review: Huế 1968

Huế 1968 is nonfiction storytelling at its best—reading like the perfect adventure story… That said, however, I am disappointed, daresay devastated (again…) at the absence of the voices of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN), who serve as nothing more than background in a story for which they played a key role. […]

Book Review: South Vietnamese Soldiers

"The North is trying to erase the political memory of the South, but those memories remain in the people who took part, in the memories of family members still in Vietnam, and among those who fled to countries such as Australia and the U.S.," Nguyen says. We are slowly losing time with our warriors...

An Interview with A Nationalist: Nguyễn Công Luận

diaCRITIC Zora Mai Quỳnh interviews Nguyễn Công Luận, a veteran of the Republic of Việt Nam (ARVN) army. Quỳnh recently reviewed his memoir, “Nationalist in the Việt Nam Wars: Memoirs of a Victim Turned Soldier”.

Bài Ngợi Ca Nguyễn Ngọc Loan, Viết Bởi Một Người Mỹ Gốc Việt (Phần...

Nhân kỷ niệm bốn mươi năm ngày “Sài Gòn sụp đổ,” ZM Quỳnh viết một lời ngợi ca dành cho Nguyễn Ngọc Loan.