We are open to discovering new writers, poets, artists, culture-makers and agitators, collectives and cool projects, stories and topics, of the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian diaspora, on and from all shores. 

Our mission is to represent Vietnamese and Southeast Asian diasporic literature, art, and culture globally. If you wish to learn more about how we define “diaspora” and a diasporic identity, please read our mission statement. This will give you a sense of the ethos and spirit of diaCRITICS and the type of writing and art we are creating a space for.

We publish: artist profiles and interviews, book reviews, art / music / film / other cultural commentary and reviews, opinion essays, memoir/personal essays, fiction, poetry, hybrid forms, photography, comics, video, epistolary, ephemera, and more. We are interested in the past, the present, and the future, and how all of these chronologies connect and contribute to the diversity and many stories multi-existent within our diaspora. We welcome essays on politics and current events, globally and in your local communities. We love to learn about the lives of Vietnamese people in various countries and believe art and storytelling are a means for us to ‘visit’ one another across shores and seas. We are undaunted by controversy and we welcome pieces that fearlessly critique–politics, societies, governments, policies, unjust actions; however, our aim is also not to divide, rather to inform and provoke thoughtful analysis of the complicated world we all live in, and to heal through understanding, listening, and dialoguing. 

We publish primarily in English but we also publish pieces in Vietnamese, French, and other languages whenever we are able to. If you are writing about the Vietnamese diaspora in another language and still wish to share with us, please do. When we can, we will translate pieces in multilingual versions.

We have been publishing since 2010. As times have changed for our diaspora, so too is diaCRITICS aware we must never cease to grow and change, expanding and elasticizing our notions of what it means to be of this diaspora, and working to keep this forum inclusive of all types of Vietnamese and Southeast Asian diasporic voices. Our voices include first, second, third generations, and voices also from within Vietnam and SE Asia reaching out to us in the diaspora. We welcome these cross-currents and connections, these blurrings of boundaries and “belonging(s)”. 

A note: because diaCRITICS was founded by writers in the US, a majority of the voices we have featured have been of Vietnamese Americans. However, we recognize there are many other types of Vietnamese and Southeast Asians in the diaspora, and we would love to hear from more of you! Please share your work with us, tell us what is happening in your communities, and enlighten us to who are the artists, authors, filmmakers, cultural organizers, etc, you are excited about. We also want to hear from Vietnamese living in different parts of the U.S. We aspire for diaCRITICS to be a vibrant, inclusive hub and a nourishing space that displays the dynamic creative and intellectual potential of Vietnamese and Southeast Asian diasporic cultural productions from all over the world.


Please send PDF or Word .doc submissions, or pitch ideas, to Please include a brief cover letter in the body of the email, which may include a short bio and previous publications. Subject line should read: “Submission Type: Title of Submission,” for example: “Poetry: Poem title.” If you wish to direct your submission to a specific section or series, please indicate so in your subject line.

Word limit: Limit poetry to 10 pages and prose to 5,000 words. Links to art, multimedia, and photography samples are also welcome.

Our Sections & Series

The Out of the Margins series spotlights creative literary work and welcomes submissions of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, visual storytelling, and hybrid works. We are interested in creative experimentations that are difficult to categorize or play with form as well as more traditional pieces of creative writing. We like work that challenges us and takes risk (with “challenge” and “risk” being open to interpretation). Overall, we hope to publish a wide range of work that displays the diversity of experiences and thought of writers in the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian diaspora all over the globe and showcase emerging voices as well as established ones. 

this is for mẹ is a series for the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian diaspora to discuss mothers, motherhood, motherlands, mother-tongues and family. The word mother describes all those who performed the acts of mothering, and the word family describes the fathers, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, brothers, sisters, cousins and caretakers who raise us, feed us, shelter us, and love us, however imperfectly.

Asian Motherhood explores personal and collective memories of motherhood, mothering and being mothered. Through three different mediums (1: Podcast 2: Bitesized Q&A series 3: Pregnancy and birth directory), Asian Motherhood explores the multitudinous ways that people around the world experience parenthood and intersectional identities. This platform was born to bring complexity and diversity to Asian Motherhood.  The mission of Asian Motherhood is to provide people with access to cultural and traditional knowledge/memories/stories/practices about birth, parenting and beyond, so that when you look up “Asian Motherhood”, your search returns more than Tiger Moms, Crazy Rich Asians and porn. Asian Motherhood focuses on the Asian experience, and is for anyone navigating what it means to parent, procreate and procrastinate. Asian Motherhood episodes are featured on diaCRITICS, with more info at: / IG: @asianmotherhood

To be featured on the podcast or in the bite-sized Q&A series, please email:

diaCRITICIZE is a series of opinion essays that critique, question, analyze, debate, dissect, challenge, interpret and in other ways disseminate matters of cultural, political, personal, and aesthetic concern for the Vietnamese and SE Asian diaspora.

Reviews: We review books by Vietnamese and Southeast Asian writers as well as those in the diaspora. If you\’re a publisher, author, or publicist and would like to submit a book for review consideration, contact If you would like to contribute a review, contact us with a query or let us know your interest and the genre(s) (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, etc) you would like to write about; please provide links to any previous work if possible.

Articles, Essays, Profiles:  We publish personal and critical essays, op-eds, reviews and interviews, artist and project profiles. Please contact us if there is something you think we should cover or if you have an essay or article you have written that you believe would be a good fit for diaCRITICS. We also accept pitches for pieces on artists, books, releases, events, and other topics.

We look forward to reading your work and/or hearing from you!