We are open to discovering new writers and topics of the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian diaspora, from all shores.

We write about diasporic matters that are relevant, both of now and the past. Music, film, literature, fashion, food, visual arts, multimedia, hybridity in many forms, you name it. Oh yeah, maybe politics too. And history. And any good story that comes our way. Have we forgotten something? Let us know. diaCRITICS also write about the ways that other people write about the Vietnamese and diasporic people. Watch out. We reserve the right to be angry, to be discerning. Something somebody wrote or said or filmed about the Vietnamese got you angry? Or maybe just amused? Let us know. And what if a Vietnamese person somewhere in the world says or does something stupid? diaCRITICS don’t like that, either. It happens. Let us know.

Do you want us to publish your writing? We publish original material (and will reprint some previously published material), so long as it concerns Vietnamese and/or Southeast Asian or related diasporic arts, culture, politics. We are interested in expanding our perception of boundaries and definitions of the diaspora, so please share your ideas with us!

Articles & Essays

We publish personal and critical essays, op-eds, reviews and interviews, artist and project profiles. Please contact us if there is something you think we should cover, or if you would like to write reviews or other types of articles for us.

Creative Work

We also feature original literary and art work in our Out of the Margins series. We welcome submissions of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, hybrid-genre, visual poetry, letters, photo-essays, photography, visual art, comics, and more. We are interested in creative experimentation, so please try us.

Word limit: 5-10 pages of poetry or up to 5000 words of prose. Links to art, multimedia, photography, etc. samples and projects also welcome.

Please send PDF or Word .doc submissions to
Subject line should read: “Submission Type: Title of Submission,” for example: “Poetry: Poem title.”