October 2015 News and Events

What happened in October 2015: socio-cultural, literary, and political news and events relating to Vietnam and to the Vietnamese diaspora. [Note: Comments (in brackets “[ ]”) are the opinion of the poster and does not reflect the view of diaCRITICS]

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“Voices of Vietnam is an organization dedicated to bearing witness to and recording the testimony of the thousands of Vietnamese women who were victims of systemic rape and sexual assault at the hands of South Korean soldiers during the Vietnam War. Through recording and sharing their stories of survival, we seek to generate greater awareness of what was done to these women and to help them get the apology they deserve.”
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Voices of Vietnam Project

Viet Kieu in the news

VOV at NPC• To raise awareness of survivors’ stories and struggles, Voices of Vietnam held a media event with U.S. Senator Norm Coleman at the National Press Club. Sign the petition at Change.org.

Kim Phuc is examined by Dr. WaibelKim Phuc receives laser treatment for her pains and scars and hopes “no more scars, no more pain.”

Oral Cancer Screening• The Vietnamese population has unique health issues. [1560s = 1960s ?]

Mayor with Vietnamese flagConflict arises over decision on using the pre-1975 Vietnamese flag.

Restaurateur Linda LaLinda La is the person behind the chain of Anchorage’s Pho Vietnam restaurants.

J Autumn Fashion Show, ParisFashion show producer and model Jessica Minh Anh presented the J Autumn Fashion on a 100-metre floating catwalk on the Seine River in Paris.


News about Viet Nam

Cervical cancer vacination• Doctors report over 5,000 women in Vietnam are diagnosed with cervical cancer yearly.

Kerry-Fulbright discussion• Harvard Kennedy School will break ground on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City for the campus of Fulbright University Vietnam.

Chinese ship• As China’s territorial expansion continues, Hanoi is tightening military ties with the United States.

USS LessenSome in Vietnam are supportive of the U.S. sailing a warship within the hotly disputed waters of the South China Sea.

Japanese shipsJapan’s Maritime Self-Defense Forces will visit Vietnam’s Cam Ranh Bay in efforts to counter Chinese expansion.

Pig on way to slaughter• Vietnam village promises to tone down gory public pig slaughter by continuing the killings in a private area. [A slaughter by any other name.]

Other News

Religion-Science survey• A Pew survey shows 59% of the public says science and religion often conflict.

Special thanks to Viet Thanh Nguyen for providing many of the news items.


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